Ajoya’s Acceptable Forms of Identification
Due to state regulations M/R 404 we must adhere to the following rules:

A valid Identification must include
▪ Individual’s Name
▪ Photo
▪ Current Address
▪ Expiration Date (not expired)
▪ Birthdate which indicates an age of 21 or older
▪ In good condition (no cracks, chips, damage or inability to read essential information)
▪ Security formatting associated with that particular form of identification (seal, watermark, logo, paper type, etc…)

Types of valid ID that are accepted include
▪ State Issued Driver’s License
▪ Passport Book
▪ Passport Card
▪ Active Military valid ID (with picture and birthdate)
▪ Colorado Native-American Tribe Card
▪ Colorado Temporary Driver’s License paperwork with voided Driver’s License

These types of identification are not considered a form of valid ID and are not accepted
Note: Not all ID’s that are not accepted are noted here.
▪ Permanent Resident Cards
▪ International ID Cards
▪ Non-Colorado Temporary Driver’s License Paperwork
▪ Employment Authorization Card
▪ Government Agency ID
▪ Offender ID Card

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