Shopping for cannabis flower can be equally exciting and overwhelming. Here are a few tips for choosing cannabis flower.

At Ajoya, we maintain a reputation for the highest quality marijuana flower. Our sources include both our house cultivation facility, as well as best in class partner cultivators such as Sevenfive Farms and Shift Cannabis.

The Ajoya team believes knowledge is power. This proves especially true when seeking the ideal cannabis experience. To that end, the team put together some thoughts to guide you on your flower journey.

1. Focus on your desired experience.

We come to cannabis seeking a desired outcome. Perhaps we look to shift gears after a long day, socialize with friends, or melt into a delicious dream.

Historically, cannabis categorizations included sativa, indica, and hybrid. Did you know these labels say the most about the look of the plant rather than its chemical compounds? Yep, ‘indica’ plants grow on the shorter, rounder side while sativa plants extend in a tall, leggy fashion.

To shepherd you to your desired experience state more seamlessly, at Ajoya we work with experience categories. This helps take the guess work out of deciphering sometimes cryptic strain names and classifications.


Elevate strains are perfect for those planning a night out, heading up a new project, or enjoying some time outside.

The energetic and uplifting effects have been known to accelerate creativity, happiness, and a healthy dose of the giggles. We love these for energy and openness.

If you are prone to anxiety, either add CBD with your Elevate strains or choose something from the Focus category instead!


Focus strains are fantastic for those looking for a change of perspective without losing motivation or slipping into couch-lock.

Enjoy a clear sense of calm that still allows for wonder and sensory awareness. These strains provide overall euphoria and may provide a lift in energy and creativity.


Let the stresses of the day go and let your mind wander. Unwind strains provide a relaxed state good for both day and nighttime use.

We look to Unwind for creating a mellow headspace and aiding in creativity.


A great way to soothe your body and quiet your mind. Those exploring the Settle strains can experience the benefits as your muscles relax and a long lasting euphoria spreads throughout your body.

2. Forget about the THC percentage.

Ok, you don’t have to forget but this is a chance to zoom out. We continue to learn about the chemistry and the effects of the cannabis plant on the human body. What comes to light over and over again: the marijuana plant is complex!

These complexities influence the strain quality and its effects. The terpenes, minor cannabinoids (including CBD), consumption method, and growing techniques all contribute to your experience.

If a really lifted session is what you seek, try choosing a flower strain based on desired mind/body experience and enhancing your bowl with some kief.

3. Trust yourself.

Humans and the cannabis plant have been evolving alongside each other for thousands of years. Plus, with an endocannabinoid system, our bodies have preexisting receptors to bind with cannabis compounds.

While we can (happily) spend all day discussing tips for choosing cannabis flower, we encourage you to lean into which strains you connect with.

Smell: “The nose knows” goes a long way in connecting with the best flower for you.

Sight: Do the buds look vibrant and sparkly? Great! This indicates they came from healthy plants and have a plethora of trichomes. Pass on marijuana flower that has dominant brown tones. This could mean an unhealthy plant or dryness.

4. Consider your consumption method.

Luckily, cannabis consumption has evolved from pinching a tiny doobie between your thumb and forefinger. Now cannabis enthusiasts have many more options which can impact your experience.

Joint, blunt, spiff

These options all consist of cannabis wrapped in smokable paper. A joint is exclusively marijuana rolled inside hemp, rice, or paper. Prerolled joints are a very convenient option for smoking flower. Blunts and spliff include tobacco either in the rolling paper or mixed with the cannabis. (Note that at Ajoya we are unable to sell tobacco products per state law.)

Hand Pipe

A marijuana pipe is generally made from blown glass. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. With hand pipes or water pipes, be sure to keep your device clean as excess resin can impact the flavor of your fresh flower.

Water Pipe

A water pipe includes, you guessed it, water. Also referred to as a bong or bubbler. The water cools the smoke making for smoother, more accessible hits. As noted for hand pipes, freshen up both your device and the water in the water pipe on a regular basis.


Rather than completely burning the flower, vaporizers use electricity to heat the flower to a pre established temperature. This allows the release of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Many cannabis clinicians include vaporization in their tips for choosing cannabis flower consumption methods. They love how clean vaporization is!

Vaporizers also reduce the odor associated with smoking cannabis. Vaporizer options include handheld devices, tabletop set ups, and a whole spectrum in between.

We hope you found these tips for choosing cannabis flower helpful. If you have more questions, we are never more than a visit, phone call, email, or chat away!

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