Wellness + Edible Cannabis = Trifecta!

Cheeba Chews™ continues to be a front-runner in the cannabis edible space with the introduction of their Trifecta taffy. As they put it, “a trifecta is the combination of three dynamic cannabinoids to create a victory for the mind, body, and spirit.”

Despite the fact that clinical studies are pretty limited when it comes to cannabis studies, there is a lot of evidence pointing to the positive impact certain cannabinoids can have, especially when it comes to mental health. When an ‘entourage’ approach is used in grouping certain cannabinoids together (like how THC, CBD, and CBG are grouped together in Trifecta), the benefits of each individual cannabinoid is expounded!

Trifecta – the “Be Happy Taffy” – combines THC, CBD, and CBG in a 1:1:1 ratio with a buttery smooth caramel as the catalyst. Each piece is 5mg of each, and this powerful combination can do wonders for your psyche – helping you to feel good. When taken on a daily basis, this recipe of “feel good” cannabinoids can help you get in that good headspace and is easy to regulate.

The lower THC dose creates a mild psychoactive experience, and the CBD and CBG will help to balance that experience by keeping you grounded, with your body and mind in close connection. Need a little less ‘punch’? Try biting off about half for a 2.5mg dose instead!

Trifecta chews are low calorie (only 12 calories per serving), and are peanut and gluten-free. 300mg of total cannabinoids in each pack (100 of THC, CBD and CBG respectively). Each serving is 5mg of each cannabinoid, totaling 20 chews in each package.

As Cheeba Chews cutely says… We got chew!

Available for both Rec and Med customers at all locations, but only for Ajoya Rewards Members.

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