Cannabis has been recreationally legal in Colorado for 6 years. What a ride! With legalization has come innovation. The vast variety of available products can intimidate some people. With the plethora of available marijuana products, our cannabis product overview exists to guide your journey.


Ajoya product categories: Flower

The flower category serves as the foundation of all cannabis products.

Dried buds are generally ground and smoked. Marijuana flower can be smoked a variety of ways.

When it comes to flower shopping, many people look for the highest THC content. We discourage this. Your cannabis experience is more than just a number!

Other elements to consider include terpene profile, moisture content, smell (the nose knows, trust your intuition!)

At Ajoya, we grow our own flower as well as partner with premium Colorado producers like Shift and SevenFive Farms.



Marijuana concentrates rank #1 on the list of the fastest growing category of cannabis products. Customers love the convenience and the refined experience. The effects can come on several times stronger than smoking flower.

Concentrates come in a variety of types: shatter, wax, rosin, budder, sugar, sauce, and of course, vape cartridges.

These products can be added onto a flower bowl, dabbed, vaped, or through a pre-filled cartridge.



As the name suggests, edibles include marijuana infused foods and treats. These are not your roommate’s weed brownies. Options run the gamut from chocolates to gummies to powders. Marijuana gummies take the cake as the most popular edible.

Edibles provide great option for discrete use. They are pre dosed and tested so you know exactly how much cannabis you are consuming. For newbies, we recommend starting with a 5mg dose.

These products do take slightly longer to uptake. Give yourself 2-4 hours with traditional edibles before consuming an additional dose. The effects of edibles generally last 3-8 hours.

Cannabis edibles make a great bedtime option. With the extended effect option, they can continue to work throughout the night.


Tinctures and Sublinguals

Cannabis tincture and sublingual products absorb under the tongue. These products are the original refined use of marijuana. Now tinctures and sublinguals are created by mixing a cannabis extract with an oil. We frequently see MCT oil or coconut oil as the carrier.

Tinctures and sublinguals have a rapid onset time, generally 3-5 minutes. Effects last 2-5 hours.

We love this category for the awake in the night moments. As a result of the rapid onset, they quickly aid with relaxation. They can also be mixed into beverages!



Marijuana topical products consist of creams, salves, gels, and patches. These apply directly to the skin. In addition, they generally have no psychoactive effects.

With our skin being our largest organ as well as containing a tremendous amount of cannabinoid receptors. As a result, many customers experience great results with cannabis topicals.




We hope our cannabis product overview provides assistance in your discovery process and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Have more questions? Send us a note, reach out on chat, or come visit us in store.

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