September Newsletter – Medical News

Sparks & Stories - Medical News. Learn about cannabis therapeutic compounds, how Ajoya is adopting Living Soil cultivation, September specials & events, and how our customers are benefiting f...

September Newsletter – Recreational News

Sparks & Stories - Recreational News. Find out about September specials and events at the Louisville store like our Fall Flower Power Fest and Ajoya Oktoberfest Weekend. You’ll also meet one of ...

Ajoya Oktoberfest Weekend – September 28-30

We'll be celebrating the Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest September 28th through 30th at our Louisville store. Visit us in the Ajoya "Budgarten" where we'll be grilling brats and playing German music...

Fall Flower Power Fest – September 14 – 16

Put on your love beads and head to our Louisville store for our Fall Flower Power Fest, where we'll celebrate fall flower products, and our budtenders will be decked out and jammin' to '60s music. And...

Ajoya recognized as “Amazing Retailer”

Marijuana Venture, the journal of cannabis growers and retailers, recognized Ajoya in its latest publication for creating a shopping environment that is as visually stunning as it is effective. Acc...

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