How Do We Categorize Products?
We use a combination of biology (plant composition, genetics, terpenes) and qualitative data we gather from our team to categorize products. When we bring a new product to Ajoya, our team samples the product and records what they see, smell, taste, and feel when using the product. The product is then categorized as an Elevate, Focus, Unwind, or Settle product. Some products, like distillate products, don’t fall into any category because all of the components that influence the high are distilled out.

Recreational vs. Medical: What’s the Difference?
Recreational (or ‘Adult Use’) cannabis can be purchased by any person over 21 with an accepted form of identification; there is a daily limit of 1oz of the combined product. Medical patients are allowed to purchase more products daily than recreational customers, and at a lower price due to medical sales taxes being less than recreational taxes. Medical patients will have access to ‘larger’ edibles as well (1000mg products are only available to medical customers) – however, potency is virtually the same for flower and concentrates for both recreational and medical.

How do I become a medical patient?
Short answer: you need to qualify to be a Medical patient by having a qualifying issue, making an appointment with a doctor, providing the necessary documentation, filling a form out through the State of Colorado’s website, and finally signing up with Ajoya as your Primary Caregiver. Detailed information on how to become a medical member & the benefits of signing up with Ajoya as your caregiver can be found on our site.

What can I take that won’t get me high?
High CBD products will produce no psychoactive effects, but will still typically give you muscular and neurological relief. It is widely believed that high CBD products with marginal amounts of THC will boost the effectiveness of CBD while still not getting you ‘high’. Beyond that, there are products that allow you to ‘microdose’ THC, i.e. dose with a tiny amount of THC to reap the benefits of THC without activating any psychoactive effects. Ask your sales associate for more details!

What is CBD and how is it used?
CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent active ingredient behind THC in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. Many people rely on CBD to relax, ease discomfort, and for wellness benefits. CBD can come in a variety of forms, from gummies and drinks to tinctures and patches. Your sales associate can help to pair you with the correct product and starting point!

Can I take cannabis back home with me or out of state on vacation?
No! Cannabis is still federally illegal (unfortunately). Transporting cannabis products across state lines – whether by car, train, or by air – is illegal and could put you in legal jeopardy.

Where can I consume cannabis in Colorado?
Only consume cannabis when you are legally allowed to – public spaces are off-limits. Public spaces include but aren’t limited to public parks, sidewalks, roads, inside private businesses and bars, ski resorts, cafes, etc. Where does that leave? Well, your residence or a friend’s. Be aware of facility rules as well – landlords, hotels, and other facilities don’t always allow cannabis to be consumed – always check first.

Finding Elevate products a little overwhelming?
Try pairing with CBD; it can often give you the balance you need to avoid jitters!

Keep your flower fresh!
Dry flower is a nuisance (especially in Colorado!) but can be avoided. To keep your flower fresh, we recommend a rehydration pack living in your flower container. Check our blog post on Maximizing Your Flower Experience!

Drink water!
One of the number one things you can do to properly enjoy your products is to be hydrated. Ensuring your body has enough water will help to facilitate a positive cannabis experience!

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