For an incredible variety and quality of indica cannabis strains, shop at Ajoya. Our weed dispensaries are located in Lakewood and Louisville, including amazing daily deals, and welcome both medicinal patients and recreational customers. Check out our artisanal flower for incredible terpenes. Explore our infused and non-infused pre-rolls, discreet vapes, a wide menu of beverages, delicious edibles, all kinds of concentrates, and more!

Sit Back and Relax with Indica

Our recreational enthusiasts favor indicas for their relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric effects. Our medicinal patients choose indicas to combat nausea, pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This variety of cannabis provides more of a body buzz and typically offers higher levels of CBD without always sacrificing THC potency. Indica strains are ideal for nighttime use. We at Ajoya continue to curate top-quality products and simplify access.

Buy Indicia Strains in Lakewood or Louisville!

While we hope you’ll stop in, spend some time, get to know our products, and let us get to know you, we understand the demands of everyday life. Feel free to browse everything our weed dispensary has to offer through our user-friendly website and place an order online for in-store pickup. You’ll find that Ajoya separates our cannabis into “experience categories” to simplify selection. Explore Elevate, Focus, Unwind, or Settle to find your favorites as well as something totally new.

Available for both Rec and Med customers at all locations, but only for Ajoya Rewards Members.

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