We categorize products based on the feeling they give us. We call these Experience Categories.

Experience Categories evolved from the missing link between growing and consuming cannabis. Strain names and other categorizations of cannabis have roots more in the lineage and genetics than what matters to the user – “how will I feel when using this product?”

We maintain incredible respect for the growers, past and current, who have loved the cannabis plant and cultivated it, no matter the risk it put them in. However, in order to better serve our customers, we recognized that an updated way to talk about the varieties of the plant was needed.

Let your intentions and goals guide your use. What kind of experience do you desire?

Elevate Category

These products will help you brush away stagnation and get energized. Elevate products are perfect for those times when you want a boost of energy, whether that’s for some time outdoors, a night out, or just crossing things off your to-do list!

Focus Category

Need to zero in on a project, or just looking for a change in perspective? Often euphoric and providing a clear calmness, Focus strains can help you to hone in on what you want to do without distractions or jitteriness that can sometimes happen with Elevate products.

Unwind Category

Let the stresses of the day float away with Unwind products. You’ll find them to mellow your mood and create headspace for fun and relaxation. A great option for transitioning from work to play, Unwind products give you the space to be and feel you!

Settle Category

Soothe your body and still your mind. Relax your muscles and let a wonderful euphoria spread throughout your body. While Unwind strains are great for creating space to relax, Settle strains are perfect for leaning deeply into your rest and relaxation mode, like watching a movie, reading a book, or turning in for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Categorize Products?
We use a combination of biology (plant composition, genetics, terpenes) and qualitative data we gather from our team to categorize products. When we bring a new product to Ajoya, our team samples the product and records what they see, smell, taste, and feel when using the product.

Why Are There Uncategorized Products?
While we do our best to accurately categorize each product, there are some products that, in our mind, cannot be given an Experience Category. This is the case with many distillate products because the terpenes and cannabinoids that inform the experience are literally distilled out, leaving only the THC. By doing this, much of the unique ‘information’ that affects the user is no longer there.

Finally, it is important to note that while we’ve done our due diligence in categorizing our products, there are some factors we can’t account for: namely you! Everyone is different in terms of biological makeup, tolerance, and other factors. Speaking with your sales associates openly and honestly will help them guide you through the process of figuring out the right products and dose for you.

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