Shop the unique benefits of concentrates at Ajoya. THC- rich, potent, full of flavorful terpenes and an abundance of cannabinoids, concentrates are ideal for medicinal purposes and recreational enjoyment. Once the plant goes through a distillation process, we’re left with the trichomes in a concentrated form. Our glass showcases offer an outstanding collection of wax, shatter, diamonds & sauce, budder, sugar, live extracts, hash, and cartridges.

Exceptional Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Don’t let the many names of concentrates overwhelm you. Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in cannabis, are looking for specific curative properties, or are a long-time enthusiast, our friendly budtenders are here to help you navigate options and find what works best for you. From dabbing and vaping to tinctures and capsules, the delivery method needs to suit your preferences and targeted experience.

In search of cannabis concentrates? Ajoya has you covered!

Because concentrates are so high in THC, you only need a minimal amount for strong effects. Make sure to start with a low dose and go slow. Feel free to ask questions. At Ajoya we welcome exploration, strive to educate, and celebrate self-discovery. Visit our Lakewood or Louisville dispensaries for free parking and an easy trip from anywhere across Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, Lakewood, Denver, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Arvada & Golden, CO. Feel free to shop from home and place an order online for the greater expediency of in-store pickup.

Per CO state regulations – WARNING: Cannabis concentrate products may cause psychotic symptoms or disorders (including but not limited to delusions, hallucinations, or difficulty distinguishing reality), Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), mental health symptoms or problems, and cannabis dependence or disorder.


Best Selection of Cannabis in Louisville, Lakewood & the surrounding areas


This is my go-to place! All the products are good, the people that work there always have good suggestions, fun stories, and are very knowledgeable in what they do. The place itself has a nice, clean welcoming vibe.

Jennifer S.

Just moved to CO and checked out Ajoya based on the positive reviews. The place was very clean and the staff was great across the board. Jaymie helped me pick out some good products and was very knowledgeable.

Steven H

The online ordering was incredibly easy! First off, front door personnel was exceptionally friendly and invited me in with such exuberance. They even reminded me to let my bud tender know I was first time medical for an extra discount.

Sade C.

Quality products and friendly staff. I bought some flower and not only was it frosty and taste how good weed should, it was actually fresh and sticky. A good change of pace from the dry nugs that are sadly the norm at most dispos these days

Zakery N.

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