Artisanal Flower For the Connoisseur

Small batch care and elite genetics – the most amazing flower from the best growers in Colorado. Is that enough to pique your interest? If so, check out the menu. Want to learn more? Keep on reading below.

At Ajoya, we aim to give you the absolute best experience – from the time you walk in the door, to walking out with your favorite products in hand, we want to make sure you are satisfied on all fronts. Taking that same approach to flower, we are proud to introduce our Artisanal Flower line.

Colorado Cream Soda, an Unwind strain from Locol Love

What Makes the Flower Artisanal?

To be considered artisanal flower, the plants employ elite genetics. They must be hand-trimmed and stored carefully to avoid spoilage. These flowers have exceptionally strong aromas as a result of the higher than normal terpene concentrations. They often will be vibrant in color and have an abundance of trichomes visible to the naked eye.

How is Artisanal Flower different from other strains at Ajoya?

Artisanal flower growers are simply chasing a different result – while the majority of growers base their success off of yield and THC potency, Artisanal growers are viewing success in a different light. Focusing on terpenes and trichome production as the bar for success, Artisanal growers are fine with yielding less weight from each harvest – as long as the flower is packed full of terpenes and glistening with trichomes.

Our Artisanal Grow Partners

Locol Love is at the top of any Colorado-flower-lovin’ connoisseur’s list… And if they’re not, they should be, as they consistently produce a variety of strains that are delicious and beautifully photogenic. We are also proud to be the exclusive carriers of Colorado Cream Soda in northern Colorado!

Indico, another crowd favorite producing excellent flower. They are said to play their plants live DJ sets to encourage growth – the plants get nice and strong from all that dancing!

The Dank by Pank crew has a saying: “Leave no terp behind”. Self-described as having a lust for exotic trichome preservation and encouraged by the rare, they are truly passionate about cultivating the finest flower.

Cuban Crew flower is truly a sight to see. Always giving us wonderful terpene profiles and beautiful buds, Cuban Crew is consistently a shop favorite.

Billo Premium Cannabis was born out of the Yampa Valley with one goal in mind, provide our customers with the highest quality cannabis. Over the past 3 years, we at Billo have worked tirelessly to achieve this goal, and although we’ll never truly finish this journey, we’re happy to offer some of Colorado’s most premium cannabis.


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The online ordering was incredibly easy! First off, front door personnel was exceptionally friendly and invited me in with such exuberance. They even reminded me to let my bud tender know I was first time medical for an extra discount.

Sade C.

This is my go-to place! All the products are good, the people that work there always have good suggestions, fun stories, and are very knowledgeable in what they do. The place itself has a nice, clean welcoming vibe.

Jennifer S.

Quality products and friendly staff. I bought some flower and not only was it frosty and taste how good weed should, it was actually fresh and sticky. A good change of pace from the dry nugs that are sadly the norm at most dispos these days

Zakery N.

Just moved to CO and checked out Ajoya based on the positive reviews. The place was very clean and the staff was great across the board. Jaymie helped me pick out some good products and was very knowledgeable.

Steven H

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