We believe in letting joy in, and reflecting joy outward. We want to celebrate you and the diverse, beautiful world around us.

The inspiration for the name Ajoya comes from two words: “goja”, meaning joyful in Esperanto (known as ‘the international language’), and the Yoruba word “ajoyo”, which means celebration. This comes together as Ajoya – and cements our beliefs in celebrating joyfully in this beautiful, diverse world we all live in together. Join us!

Best of Boulder 2021 AwardThe beginning for Ajoya was in 2009, originally as a Medical-only dispensary in the same area that our Louisville location is now. When recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado in 2014, we realized the need for a larger, more open space, so we moved a few hundred feet into the space we’re in now – and Ajoya, as it’s known today, was born.

Our spaces are open, and meant to encourage exploration; we reject the traditional dispensary model of boxing you into various rooms. Within our open spaces, you are free to roam and make your experience your own. Once you’re ready to connect, you can join us at the bar, or in one of our private medical rooms.

Our staff is highly trained, with a central focus on gold standard customer service. They are also some of the kindest and most compassionate sales associates on either side of the Rockies; they aim to share their passion and expertise with all Ajoya customers, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or just starting to dip your toes in.

We are always scouring the market for new and exciting products, from innovative topicals & edibles to the top-tier flower on our Artisanal Shelf. Every product we carry is aimed at providing our customers and patients with the experiences and tools they need, from pain management, to focus, to sleep aids.

We maintain deep respect for the power of the plant and deep respect for individuals. We celebrate their powers of self-awareness and their unique needs as they navigate their lives. We honor the efforts of those who strove to make the plant available, and ultimately, we push to continuously enhance the cannabis industry. Our aim is to reduce cannabis stigmas through education and great products in an effort to empower people to live rich lives.

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Raise Your Spirits

These products will help you brush away stagnation and get energized. Elevate products are perfect for those times when you want a boost of energy.

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Increase Focus

Need to zero in on a project, or just looking for a change in perspective? Focus strains can help you to hone in on what you want to do without distractions or jitteriness.

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Reduce Tension

Let the stresses of the day float away with Unwind products. You’ll find them to mellow your mood and create headspace for fun and relaxation.

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Quiet & Calm

Soothe your body and still your mind. Relax your muscles and let a wonderful euphoria spread throughout your body. Settle strains are best for leaning into chill mode.

Available for both Rec and Med customers at all locations, but only for Ajoya Rewards Members.

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