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Ajoya is the celebration of experience and personal freedom.

Everyone is unique – We see the world differently, we interact with it our own way, and however we experience the world, Ajoya brings us all together. Ajoya is the unseen bond between individuals of all types, localities, colors, and personalities.

Whether you’re spending time with friends, making new ones or enjoying your own ritual, Ajoya is here to enhance the experience.

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1100 W. Dillon Rd., #3
Louisville, CO 80027



1100 W. Dillon Rd., #3
Louisville, CO 80027


Medical & Recreational
Mon - Sat: 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Sun: 9:00AM – 8:00PM


11950 West Colfax
Lakewood, CO 80215



11950 West Colfax
Lakewood, CO 80215


Mon – Fri
11:00AM – 6:45PM

Sat – Sun
10:00AM – 6:00PM

How do you celebrate?

Our products come in four categories.
Each category is custom tailored to your experience.

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Quiet and Calm

A great way to soothe your body and still your mind. Those exploring this category can experience the benefits as your muscles relax and a long lasting euphoria spreads through your body.

The physical benefits of these strains are perfect for those who are experiencing pain, nausea, nervousness, depression, muscle spasms and insomnia.

Reduce tension and relax

Let the stresses of the day go and let your mind wander as these potent and quick-acting strains replace your cares with a relaxed jubilation good for both day and night-time use.

The benefits of these strains can help with migraines and back pain, offering robust healing properties while creating a mellow head space and aiding in your creativity.

Focus your thoughts

Strains in this category are fantastic for those looking for a change of perspective without losing motivation or slipping into “couch-lock.”

Enjoy a clear sense of calm that still allows for wonder and sensory awareness. These fast-acting strains provide overall euphoria, specifically for the treatment of anxiety, depression and appetite loss and will make you feel instantly uplifted, energized and creative.

Raise your spirits!

Our Elevate strains will get you into the pulse of any activity and keep you productive during a busy day. These strains are perfect for those planning a night out, heading up a new project, or enjoying some time outdoors.

The energetic and uplifting effects have been known to accelerate creativity, happiness and a healthy dose of the giggles. Great for energy and openness, these strains are definitely a favorite for the weekend.

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